Myrtle Beach Angel Trees

Rykiem 20

Rykiem is a dynamic, ambitious young man with a life-size laugh that draws everyone in. He loves music and can be found writing and performing when he is not at school or work!


shirts: young men’s SM boxer briefs: ym SM pants: 27W,28L shoes: sz 6

Sleeveless puffer jacket (any color but red or blue)

 Long sleeve shirt (button down or athletic)

Small $$ Gift card (Amazon)

A good book (or two) –

enjoys Tom Clancy, Lee Child, Robert Ludlum, David Baldacci, Stephen Coonts (i.e. spy/thrillers, etc.)

Slip On Sandals/Slides (nike, adidas, etc.)

Hygiene Products (deodorant, shamp/cond, body spray)


Evin 15

Although soft spoken and low-key at first glance, don't underestimate him...Evan is smart, funny and loves to talk!


shirts: young men’s Medium boxer briefs: ym Small pants: 30W,32L shoes: sz 8.5

Skinny Jeans

Anything Bama [Football], Kentucky [Basketball], or CCU [Baseball] (hat, poster, tshirt)

Young Men's Trendy Tshirts (graphics, patterns)

Slip On Sandals/Slides (Nike, Adidas, etc.)

Denim Jacket

Crazy Socks (fun colors, patterns, graphics) 

Xavier 20

Whether watching the Knicks or the Patriots, one thing is certain, Xavier loves sports! So much so that his first job was at a sporting goods store! In the offseasons, he enjoys music and spends many afternoons writing and singing his own songs.


shirts: Men’s Large boxer briefs: Men’s XL pants: 38Wm 32L shoes: sz 11.5

Anything Patriots (hat, shirt, poster, etc.)

Slip-on sandals/slides (nike, adidas, etc.)

Hygiene Products (deodorant, body spray, shamp/cond)

Beanie/Knit cap
Short Sleeve Athletic tshirt/shorts 
Small $$ Gift Card (Burger King, Subway or Cook Out) 

Marcus 17

Not that you'd know it because he's not one to brag, Marcus excels academically          and loves having fun in his down time! He enjoys basketball, skateboarding, bowling, laser tag and can solve a rubik’s cube in seconds flat!


shirts: Men’s XL boxer briefs: Men’s XL pants: 40W,32L shoes: sz 13

Slippers/House shoes

Footlocker w/Lock

Anything CCU, Celtics or Carolina Panthers (hat, poster, tshirt)

Fun socks (colors, graphics)

New Rubik's Cube

Small $$ Gift card (Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, McD’s)

Trayvonne 18

Trayvonne loves listening to music, bowling, playing putt putt and hanging out with friends! He has a million dollar smile and coincidentally is studying to go into dentistry one day!


shirts: Young Men’s - medium boxer briefs: medium pants: 32x34 shoes: 11

Slippers/House Shoes

Unscented body lotion

workout gloves

Skinny Jeans (any color) 

Bucket/Fishing Hat (colorful/graphics)

Large water/drink bottle

David 17

David is a huge basketball fan and leaves it all on the court when he plays. He loves movies and going bowling and skating with friends and can be found wherever the conversations are!


shirts: Young Men’s - medium boxer briefs: medium pants: 32x30 shoes: 11

Levi's Jeans

Khaki pants

Trendy short sleeve tshirt (graphics, patterns, etc.) 


New bookbag

Small $$ Gift Card (Walmart, Subway)

Lamont 17

Lamont is a very charming young man and has a contagious smile and sense of humor. A quiet spirit, he loves basketball, skating and go kart racing whenever the opportunity allows!


shirts: Young Men’s - medium boxer briefs: medium pants: 34x30 shoes: 9

Anything Braves, Eagles or Golden State Warriors! (poster, hat, tshirt)

basketball pants, shorts or warm up jacket

pajama pants/slippers

Polo shirts (colorful, short or long sleeve)

Basketball pants/zip jacket

New bookbag

Sage 14

Though fairly low key on first impression, Sage is always up for fun and can usually be found outside! He is quite knowledgeable as a fisherman and enjoys putting his skills to work on our pond!


shirts: Young Men’s – small boxer briefs: small pants: 30x33 shoes: 9.5

Casual belt (fabric, leather, etc.)

Slip on sandals/slides (nike, adidas, etc.)

Athletic hoodie or shirt

Small $$ WalMart Gift Card

 Polo style shirt (any color)
Footlocker with lock 

Anthony 17

Anthony is our big guy with a big heart to match! He enjoys building and racing RC cars and is our resident fixer and mechanic. If it needs repairing or fixing, he's our guy!


shirts: Young Men’s – Large  boxer briefs: Large pants: 40w 32L  shoes: 11.5

Khaki Pants

Fleece Zip Jacket

Small soft side duffel bag

Anything Gamecocks or Denver Broncos!

Mechanics gloves 
Carhardt or work tshirt (auto work) 

JR 17

A very polite and personable young man, JR is always willing to lend a helping hand. He especially loves talking to his friends and playing basketball with them!


shirts: Young Men’s – medium boxer briefs: medium pants: 30x32 shoes: 9

NIKE Sweatshirt, socks, shirt (anything)

Watch (black)

Snapback Hat (Clemson, Carolina Panthers, Red Sox)

Slim Fit jeans or Joggers

Portable speaker/auxiliary cord

Slip-on sandals/slides (nike, adidas, etc.)


Robert 16


shirts: Young Men’s – Med  boxer briefs: Med pants: 32w 34/36L shoes: 11.5

Joggers or sweatpants

Belt (black or brown)

athletic warm up jacket/pants

Footlocker with lock

Twin bedding (any; pillows, sheets, throw pillows)

Small $$ WalMart Gift Card

Carnell 20

Carnell is a neat and personable young man who is focused on work and school. He is a super hard worker (he has 3 jobs!) and has a smile on his face no matter what he’s doing!


shirts: Young Men’s – medium   boxer briefs: med    pants: 36x28    shoes: 7.5

Casual pants (tan, blue, black)

Levi's jeans

Small soft side duffel bag

Trendy young men's necklace (leather, suede cord, etc.)

Athletic hoodie or sweatshirt

Small $$ gift card (O'Reilly's, Advance Auto, etc.)

Jakeem 17

Although generally a young man of few words, when you are in his presence you are in the company of a polite, very well-mannered young man who enjoys talking movies and music and Clemson sports!


shirts: Young Men’s – medium boxer briefs: medium pants: 32x33 shoes: 11

NIKE Sweatshirt, socks, shirt (anything)

Twin bedding (any; pillows, sheets, throw pillows)

Basketball shorts

Small $$ Gift card (iTunes, Walmart, McDs)

Beanie/Knit cap

Slip-on sandals/slides (nike, adidas, etc.)

Footlocker with lock 
Kevin 15

Kevin is free spirited and truly an outdoorsman in every sense of the word! Whether fishing, skating, playing basketball or racing cars at the speedpark, he is always in motion and out in front of the pack!


shirts: Young Men’s – small boxer briefs: medium pants: 29W30L shoes: 9

Footlocker with Lock

Tshirts (Trendy: graphic designs, colors, stripes)

Barcelona Soccer and University of Alabama anything! (hat, poster, tshirt)

Young Men’s Necklace/bracelet (trendy; leather wrap, etc.)

Slip-on sandals/slides (nike, adidas, etc.)