Myrtle Beach Angel Trees
Chris Williams, Executive Director
Chris joined WYC in February 2011 and brought with him a background of 20 plus years experience in child development and supporting causes on behalf of boys and girls as a behavioral specialist within communities such as; Detroit, Chicago,and Los Angeles. When asked what brought him to South Carolina he simply answers, "People still care here, and they do so sincerely." With a strong belief in the power of community, he is proud to say that he and his wife Demica now call the Conway/Myrtle Beach Area home.
Jamie White, Assistant Director of Operations

Jamie White is a native of Horry County. She is dedicated to assisting others in the community. She believes in the power of the community to help prepare the youth for the future and even to assist them right now. According to most people she is known for the love that she expresses. One of her coined phrases is: “Love is my choice and I choose to love you.”  

Carrington Jackson, Administrative Assistant 
Carrington is a South Carolina native.  She is very active in her community.  She is a graduate of Francis Marion University.  She enjoys making people laugh and playing sports.
Sharon DeRose Pritchard, Client Services Coordinator

A former foster parent from Centerville, Ohio, Sharon joined the WYC team one month prior to the first child's admission in February 2001.  She brought a wealth of knowledge and experience with working with foster children upon arrival and has been "grandma" to over 125 boys who have called the Center home.  She has three boys of her own and three grandchildren and she is a resident of Conway. 
Pat Miller, Lead Youth Mentor
Pat joined our staff in 2008 after spending several years working with high risk youth in other local organizations.  As a mother, Pat quickly brought a consistency and stable presence into our program which landed her the position of Lead Youth Mentor.  She believes in and lives by the motto that "Everything will be alright and, if not, you should shut it down and it's a wrap."  Her catchy phrases and relentless encouragement keep the boys headed on the right track as they walk through daily life.

Jamahl Freeman, Lead Youth Mentor (not pictured)
Harold Stewart, Lead Youth Mentor (not pictured)
Felicia Dow, Youth Mentor
Andre' Kinslow, Youth Mentor (not pictured)
 Jonelle Randall, Youth Mentor (not pictured)
Latrece Conner, Youth Mentor (not pictured) 
Dawna Faulk, Youth Mentor (not pictured)
 Kayla Ladson-Bailey, Youth Mentor (not pictured)