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Waccamaw Youth Center accepts placement referrals from representatives of the South Carolina Department of Social Services only.
If you are a DSS caseworker, please refer to the following steps for our intake procedure:
1)  Determine eligibility according to the following intake/admission procedure.
All referrals matching the following set of criteria will be accepted according to space availability.
    •            Males ages 13-21
    •           Home abuse/foster home abuse
    •            Foster home disruption
    •            Managed Treatment Services
    •            Emotionally and behaviorally challenged youth
   *Please Note: The Center DOES take siblings as often as possible    depending upon space. 
2 Please complete the Childrens Services Application and submit it via fax to Waccamaw Youth Center, Inc. at (843) 369-0203, Attention: Executive Director.
3)  Please call (843) 369-0200 to confirm that we have received your referral. Once documentation is received and reviewed, we will set up an appointment to interview the prospective resident or discuss client history with the caseworker.

 Resident Census Information
Where do our residents come from? Waccamaw Youth Center helps kids from all over South Carolina!  See the chart below to identify the primary counties of origin, based on information collected as of October 2012.